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Cactus Wren


Arizona State Bird

State Bird of Arizona - Cactus Wren


Common Name: Cactus Wren
Scientific Name: Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus

Year Adopted as State Bird: 1931
Range in State: Year-round in dry brushland and desert areas as well as suburbs, but only in the southern and western parts of the state
Shared With Other States: None

This distinctive wren is unmistakable with its boldly patterned plumage, including the dark bib, spotted streaks on the underparts and bold white eyebrow. One of the largest wrens in North America, this bird also has a unique sound that can be useful for birding by ear. As a state bird, it is popular with Arizona residents because it will readily come to backyards, particularly if ground-feeding areas and native plants are available.

Photo – Cactus Wren © homie00001

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