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The greater flamingo is a member of the Phoenicopteridae bird family.

William Warby

(noun) The scientific bird family classification that consists of all species of flamingos. While there are only six species in the Phoenicopteridae family, these birds are very distinct and instantly recognizable. They are large wading birds found around the world, and are also popular in zoos, aviaries, botanical gardens and similar facilities.

Characteristics shared by all six species in the Phoenicopteridae family include:

  • Colorful plumage in pink, orange or red shades
  • Long slender necks and long, thin legs
  • Large, thick bills with a downward "break" at the midpoint
  • Monogamous pairs that mate for life
  • Complete colonial behavior for migration, roosting, feeding, etc.

The most familiar birds in the Phoenicopteridae family include the American flamingo and greater flamingo. All the remaining flamingo species are either threatened or endangered.

Photo – Greater Flamingo © William Warby



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