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Helmeted Guineafowl

The helmeted guineafowl is one of the species in the Numididae bird family.

Lip Kee Yap

(noun) The scientific bird family classification that includes all guineafowl. There are six species of Numididae birds, all of which are native to Africa. Five of the species are endemic to Africa, but the helmeted guineafowl has been successfully domesticated and introduced worldwide, and feral populations can be found in many parts of the world. Guineafowl are also popular in larger zoos and aviaries.

Though each of the species in this family is distinct, they do share several common characteristics, including:

Depending on the classification system, Numididae birds are occasionally considered a subfamily of the Phasianidae birds. Like the pheasants in the Phasianidae family, Numididae birds are often hunted as game birds and can be prized for their meat.

Examples of birds in the Numididae family include the black guineafowl, vulturine guineafowl and plumed guineafowl.

Photo – Helmeted Guineafowl © Lip Kee Yap


NEW-mih-dih-deye or noh-MIH-dih-day

Also Known As:

Guineafowl, Numidinae (as a subfamily of Phasianidae)

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