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Orange-Breasted Sunbird

Many birders travel to find exotic new lifers.


(noun) A bird when it is first seen and positively identified by a birder. To qualify as a lifer, birds must be observed in the wild and under appropriate conditions to be added to a life list. While there are accepted standards for keeping a life list and which birds can be counted, different birders may have their own individual standards and may count lifers differently. Lifers are frequently counted by dedicated listers or twitchers.

Many birders travel to birding festivals, take birding tours or otherwise deliberately attempt to add lifers to their count list. It is also possible to attract lifers to birders' backyards through bird-friendly landscaping, appropriate bird feeders, water sources and otherwise making a suitable habitat. Over time, however, it will become more difficult to attract lifers to a backyard when all local species have already been observed.

Photo – Orange-Breasted Sunbird © derekkeats



Also Known As:

Life Bird, Tick Bird, Tick

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