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Desert Habitat - Picture of a Desert

Desert Habitat

Ken Lund

(noun) The natural environment in which a bird lives. A habitat includes all four necessities for survival – food, water, shelter and nesting areas – as well as climate, predators and other animals, plants, landforms and other natural characteristics. Non-migratory birds occupy the same habitat year-round while migratory birds change habitats seasonally, perhaps switching between two quite different types of habitats.

Habitats may be clearly defined or may have transitional zones where different types of habitats merge, such as woodland edges that are a transition between forests and grasslands. The type of habitat with the most diverse avifauna is tropical forest, but multiple bird species can be found in every habitat, including deserts, wetlands and polar regions.

The amount of habitat a bird requires for survival and growth depends on the species. Many species, while an individual bird may have a relatively small range, require large habitats for a healthy population to minimize competition for food sources and nesting grounds. Many birds are threatened by habitat destruction and fragmentation that eliminates the necessary undisturbed environments.

Photo – Desert Habitat © Ken Lund



Also Known As:

Biome, Range, Territory

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