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Feral Cat


Cat Hiss

Feral cats are often aggressive.

Tomi Tapio K

(noun) A domestic cat that has reverted to wild, unsocialized behavior, or a descendent of such a cat. Feral cats live without significant human contact and they are not socialized to interact with humans. Their behavior is generally wary, fearful or aggressive depending on the situation. Feral cats are most frequently found in urban and suburban areas, though breeding populations of feral cats can occur anywhere.

Feral cats are distinct from stray cats or lost pets in their attitude toward humans; whereas a stray or lost cat may approach humans and can be handled easily, feral cats typically resist prolonged human contact. They may subsist on handouts along with refuse, carrion or hunting, and they frequently prey on wild birds. Feral cats are believed to be responsible for hundreds of thousands of bird deaths annually and can impact other wildlife populations as well, including mammals and reptiles.

Photo – Aggressive Cat © Tomi Tapio K



Also Known As:

Wild Cat

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