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Blue-Crowned Lorikeet

The blue-crowned lorikeet has a distinctly colored crown.

William Warby

(noun) The top or highest part of a bird's head, the peak of the head. Many birds have a crest on the crown or an otherwise distinct crown shape with the peak closer to the front or back of the head, and some species can manipulate their crown by raising and lowering feathers to change its shape as a form of courtship display, territorial defense or aggression. Distinct crown plumage such as different colors, spots, crown stripes or lateral stripes that frame the center of the crown are also common. Birds that have these types of crown markings may be called "crowned" in common or colloquial names, such as the ruby-crowned kinglet or white-crowned sparrow.

Because crowns are readily visible no matter what a bird's posture, they are useful for identification. Look for different crown colors, stripes, streaks or spots, and note the shape of the crown in terms of a crest or overall head shape. For example, lesser and greater scaups are difficult to distinguish, but the lesser scaup has a more pointed crown with the highest point further back on the head, while the greater scaup has a more rounded, level crown.

Photo – Blue-Crowned Lorikeet © William Warby



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Pate, Poll

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