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Hooded Plover

The hooded plover is part of the Charadriidae bird family.

JJ Harrison

(noun) Scientific bird family classification that includes all plovers, dotterels, lapwings and related shorebirds, totally roughly 65 species. These are all relatively small shorebirds but are not necessarily found near the shore, as several species prefer open habitats such as plains or rocky areas. The species in this family are widespread and found in many areas, but all share certain characteristics, such as:

  • Short, stout bill
  • Pause and run foraging techniques
  • Males and females look generally similar
  • Use of distraction displays to protect nests

Examples of birds in the Charadriidae family include the killdeer, piping plover, mountain plover, crowned lapwing and Eurasian dotterel.

Photo – Hooded Plover © JJ Harrison


CHER-ih-DREE-ih-deye or CHAR-ih-dree-ih-day

Also Known As:


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