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Birdscaping means landscaping with the birds in mind.

Tony Alter

(noun) Landscaping that deliberately keeps birds in mind by choosing plants, layouts and other features to attract birds. The best birdscaping meets all of birds' basic needs for food, water, shelter and nesting sites in natural ways, though supplemental features may also be included.

Key features of birdscaping include the use of locally native plants that birds will more easily recognize, lessening the amount of lawn in favor of layered plants and choosing landscaping layouts and plants that promote responsible water usage. Birdscaped yards often feature thick clumps or beds of plants that provide secure shelter for a variety of birds at different heights, and multiple types of plants – trees, shrubs, flowers, vines and more – are essential for the best birdscaping.

Birdscaped yards are not always neat or excessively cultivated. Less pruning provides better habitat for birds, and leaving leaf litter in place or not dead heading flowerbeds also provides food and shelter for birds at different times of year. Dead trees may be left in place when they can remain safe, and extra features such as a brush pile may be added as well. In addition to the natural plants and features, bird feeders, bird baths, bird houses and other supplements are often popular and help attract even more backyard birds.

Birdscaping projects can be large or small, costly or inexpensive. Many backyard birders take years to fully birdscape their yards, and even after the plan is complete, changing the landscaping periodically can attract even more birds year after year.

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Bird-Friendly Landscaping

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