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Green Heron

The green heron is a member of the Ardeidae family.


(noun) The scientific bird family classification that includes herons, egrets and bitterns. There are approximately 60-65 species in the Ardeidae family, though some classifications are disputed and several species may be regularly placed in the Egretta family instead.

Ardeidae birds are wading birds, and they are found in wetlands, marshes and riparian habitats worldwide, including river regions and lakeshores. While this bird family has a wide distribution, they are notably absent from Antarctica, the harshest Arctic regions and the driest deserts.

There is great variation in size and coloration among Ardeidae birds, but they do share a number of common characteristics, including:

  • Colonial nesting habits, often in large rookeries
  • Long, thin neck and legs and thick, powerful bills
  • Flying with the neck contracted in an S shape
  • Deliberate hunting behavior with a stabbing approach

Familiar examples of birds in the Ardeidae family include the great blue heron, great egret, cattle egret, whistling heron, American bittern, gray heron, black-crowned night-heron and little egret.

Photo – Green Heron © kansasphoto


AR-deye-deye or AR-deye-day

Also Known As:

Herons, Shitepokes

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