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White-Bellied Sea-Eagle

All eagles, including the white-bellied sea-eagle, are in the Accipitridae family.

Lip Kee Yap

(noun) The scientific classification of many diurnal raptors, including hawks, harriers, kites, eagles and Old World vultures. Depending on the source, there are 230-240 species included in the Accipitridae family, and different species of these birds are found on every continent except Antarctica. These birds of prey are found in a wide range of habitats, from open tundra and grasslands to forests, rainforests and urban regions.

Despite the great diversity among Accipitridae birds in terms of size and habitat preferences, these birds share several characteristics, including:

  • Diurnal habits for hunting and other activities
  • Strongly hooked bills with a fleshy cere at the base
  • Primarily carnivorous dietary preferences
  • Relatively camouflaged colors, typically shades of black, gray, white and brown
  • Females are larger than males but both genders share similar plumage

Familiar birds in the Accipitridae family include the Cooper’s hawk, northern goshawk, Eurasian sparrowhawk, golden eagle, common buzzard, snail kite, bald eagle and Rüppell's vulture.

Photo – White-Bellied Sea-Eagle © Lip Kee Yap



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