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Qualities of a Good Birder - Birder Characteristics
Anyone can pick up a field guide and identify birds, but a truly dedicated birder has certain qualities that allow them to appreciate this hobby to its fullest.
Tips to Be a Better Birder - How to Improve Your Birding
No matter how long you've been birding, you can always be better, and these 12 tips to be a better birder include information to help you improve your skills at ...
Basic Supplies Every Birder Needs
A detailed field guide is every birder's most essential tool. A good guide will contain information on the appearance, colors, habitat range and behavior of ...
What is Birding? - Birding Basics - Birding and Wild Birds - About.com
All it takes to get started as a birder is good eyesight, a simple field guide (even from a used book store) and an interest in watching birds. Even birders who opt ...
10 Ways to Be a Green Birder - Green Birding Tips
10 easy ways any birder can be more environmentally friendly.
Birdwatching and Birding - Which is Which? - Birding and Wild Birds
Are you a birdwatcher or a birder? Even though the terms are often used interchangeably, there are subtle differences between them.
Types of Birders - Learn About Different Types of Birders
What type of birder are you? The answer may not be as clear as you think – just as many bird species can be challenging to identify, it can also be difficult to ...
Birding Supplies - Gifts for Birders - Birding and Wild Birds - About.com
Before choosing a gift, however, be sure your gift ideas match a birder's specific interests, such as attracting birds to the backyard or enjoying them in the field.
How to Go Birding - Tips for Planning a Bird Walk
Likewise, an unprepared birder may miss great opportunities to see new birds, may find themselves in dangerous situations and could be unprepared for the ...
You Might Be a Birder If... Share Your Birding Stories
Every birder has that story that shows their dedication to birding, a colossal identification mistake, a glorious rare bird sighting or just a fun birding time. Now is ...
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