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Birding Ethics - Birding and Wild Birds - About.com
Birders regularly interact with wild animals, and the birds they observe are not pets. By practicing sound birding ethics, birders can protect the integrity of their ...
Ethics of Bird Calls - Birding and Wild Birds - About.com
Birders are divided on whether or not it is ethical to use bird call recordings in the field. Learn how recordings may be useful and how they can hurt birds, and ...
Bird Photography Ethics - Birding and Wild Birds - About.com
Learn how to be an ethical bird photographer and get great shots without risking any harm to the birds you photograph.
10 Ways to Be a Green Birder - Green Birding Tips
Practicing good birding ethics leads to a healthier hobby and a healthier environment. Ethical birders do not litter, keep the birds safe and do not disturb nesting ...
Birding With Newcomers - Birding and Wild Birds - About.com
Practice Ethics: Lead by example by practicing good birding ethics and etiquette when you're out with a new birder. If they accidentally make a faux pas, ...
Contact Your Guide to Birding and Wild Birds
Contact Melissa Mayntz, About.com Guide to Birding and Wild Birds. ... and you will want to follow sound birding ethics to ensure you don't harm any birds – or ...
What is Birding? - Birding Basics - Birding and Wild Birds - About.com
In reality, birding is much more than a simple hobby and there are many benefits of birding that can be enjoyed by both novice and experienced birders.
American Birding Association - Birding and Wild Birds - About.com
While the organization initially took some criticism for its emphasis on listing, it quickly introduced ethical standards for birders that have become widely regarded ...
What Species Can Count for a Bird Life List? - Birding and Wild Birds
Ethically Observed: All proper birding ethics must be followed for a bird to count on an official life list. If laws are broken to observe the bird or the bird is harmed ...
Qualities of a Good Birder - Birder Characteristics
Types of personality traits that make a good birder. ... Good birders follow proper birding ethics to keep their interaction with birds appropriate and free from harm ...
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