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Bird Houses and Nests - Birding and Wild Birds - About.com
Many different birds will nest in houses, but not all houses are created equal. By understanding the features that make bird houses safe and attractive, you can ...
Get Started With Bird Houses - Backyard Birding
Backyard birding involves meeting birds' basic survival needs for food, water and shelter, and to many backyard birders, getting started with bird houses is the ...
Top 10 Bird House Problems You Can Fix Yourself
Bird houses are a fantastic way to add shelter to a bird-friendly backyard, but if no birds are nesting in the houses, why not? There can be a wide range of ...
Winterize Your Bird Houses - Turn a Bird House Into a Roost Box
After the breeding season ends and birds have migrated, it is time to winterize your bird houses so they will stay safe and suitable for the next spring's families.
Birds That Use Bird Houses - Birding and Wild Birds - About.com
Adding bird houses to your backyard is a great way to attract cavity-nesting birds, but not all bird species will choose an enclosed house to raise their families.
How to Clean a Bird House - Cleaning Birdhouses
Birders who know how to clean a bird house are taking steps to protect their backyard bird families from pests and disease while making their bird houses even ...
When Is the Best Time to Put Up Bird Houses? - Birding and Wild Birds
Knowing when to put up bird houses is essential for backyard birders to attract nesting birds to their yard. For cavity-nesting birds, bird houses can provide the ...
How to Put Up a Bird House - Mounting a Nesting Box
When it is time to put up a bird house, whether you are putting up a new house for the first time or repositioning a house in a new season, understanding how to  ...
Adding Nesting Material to Bird Houses - Birding and Wild Birds
Birds put an incredible amount of effort into constructing nests or excavating nest cavities, but will adding nesting material to bird houses help encourage birds to ...
Painting Bird Houses - Birding and Wild Birds - About.com
Painted bird houses can be beautiful, but are they attractive to the birds? Painting bird houses can actually be harmful to birds, but these tips will help you enjoy ...
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