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The Waterbird Society - Conserving Aquatic Birds
Overview of the Waterbird Society, a not-for-profit bird organization devoted to the study and conservation of all aquatic birds.
Piscivorous Definition - Piscivore - Birding and Wild Birds - About.com
Definition: (adjective) Describes a carnivorous diet that consists largely of fish, though a piscivorous diet may also include similar aquatic foods such as aquatic  ...
Clark's Grebe - Aechmophorus clarkii - Birding and Wild Birds
Like all aquatic birds, Clark's grebes are not backyard birds but they can be seen regularly in the appropriate habitat. Birders interested in seeing these grebes ...
Habitats: Aquatic, Desert, Forest, Grassland and Tundra
Aquatic habitats include seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, wetlands, marshes, lagoons, ... group of animals—amphibians, mammals, reptiles, invertebrates, and birds.
Nictitating Membrane Definition - Birds - Birding and Wild Birds
How do birds use a nictitating membrane to protect their eyes? ... diving underwater for waterfowl, diving ducks and aquatic birds such as dippers or anhingas
Foraging - Birding and Wild Birds - About.com
Many birds have specialized bill sizes and shapes to assist their foraging, such as the nail on a duck's bill that helps the bird root for aquatic vegetation. Similarly  ...
Ring Bearer Birds - Wedding Owls
A bachelor or bachelorette party might have a falconry day, visit an aviary or go behind-the-scenes with penguins and other aquatic birds at an aquarium.
Beyond Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Animals - About.com
... other prehistoric animals, including the ancestors of modern horses, cats, dogs, fish, sharks and birds--as well as the aquatic and avian reptiles that preceded, ...
What Is a Grebe? - Birding and Wild Birds - About.com
Grebes are exceptional diving birds that feed primarily on fish and aquatic animals, and they are related to loons. Depending on the species, grebes can be  ...
The Basics of Vertebrate Evolution - Animals/Wildlife - About.com
Vertebrates are a well-known group of animals that includes mammals, birds, ... Additionally, amphibians underwent larval phases that were entirely aquatic and  ...
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