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Melissa Mayntz

Hooray for Vultures!

By September 1, 2012

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Today is International Vulture Awareness Day, a day to celebrate and appreciate these often misunderstood birds. Vultures are found all over the world and are critical for keeping ecosystems healthy by disposing of decaying carcasses, but too frequently they are persecuted, poisoned and reviled. By raising awareness about these birds, it is hoped that better understanding can be fostered and vultures will thrive once again.

How much do you know about vultures?

Happy Vulture Day!

King Vulture
Photo Paul VanDerWerf


September 1, 2012 at 10:52 am
(1) cathartes says:

Back in 2007 we received a young Turkey Vulture at the Audubon Wildlife Care Center where I worked. She was delightful but also obviously imprinted. With care and time she became one of our education birds. “Ruby” has been one of the favorites at the center. A couple years ago we came up with the idea of doing a vulture awareness day and Ruby was the star. Today marks another one of our events at Audubon. It’s been so much fun to plan activities for the families and help them learn more about the amazing vultures. I know none of you can rush out to Oregon for this but perhaps it will give someone ideas on how to promote our wonderful “recyclers.” http://www.audubonportland.org/about/events/vultureday12

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