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Melissa Mayntz

March Madness: Finals!

By March 29, 2012

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After 14 unique matchups, it all comes down to this final round to decide the 2012 Championship Bird! Which of these Wonderful Waterfowl will win?

The wood duck (Aix sponsa) is colorful and distinct, and drakes even look like painted wood models. Females are more camouflaged, but both of these perching ducks are attractive. They can be aggressive, though, and will vigorously compete for mates and feeding territories.

The bufflehead (Bucephala albeola) is a tiny but active diving duck. Males have stunning pied plumage with a wedge-shaped white patch on the back of the head, while females are darker with white blush on their cheeks. These delicate-looking ducks are a hardy species, and often nest in trees.

Both of these competitors have survived three rounds of voting; which one will survive the fourth? Your votes will decide - cast them today!

Voting has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated in March Madness, and congratulations to the 2012 Championship Bird!


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